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First to last click optimization.

Your ride or die marketing & CRO growth partner.

Trusted by
86+Shopify brands

End-to-End Customer Journeys That Scale. Big Time.

The start of a beautiful Partnership

You handle the product.
We handle the marketing.

Obsessed with your product?
Good. We’re obsessed with helping you sell it.

We’ve simplified front end growth to two things.

Winning ads
50-150% increase in spend
at your target KPI.
Winning split tests
Statistically significant
& profitable split test.

Some real stats from clients that work with us...

For a winning ad within 90 days
Winners scale your ad spend by a minimum of 50% at target KPI
For a winning split test in 30 days
Winners increase your monthly RPS by a minimum of 20%

How do you like them odds?


What we do.

Paid ads
Meta Ads Management
Google Ads Management
TV Ads Management
$6.2M+ Managed In Spend
Creative strategy
Video + GIF Ads
Static + Carousel Ads
Data-Driven Designs
Scroll-Stopping Hooks
Content creation
UGC Product Seeding
Brand Ambassadors
In-House Studio Production
Dedicated Creative Directors
A/B Testing
Design & Messaging
Shopify Development
$1.2M+ Generated In Tests
Bet On Easy A
Client case studies

We’ve partnered with 86+ brands to achieve results like these....

Full-service clients:
$800k+ Managed In Ad Spend
255% Average Return
14 Months Active On The Ads Program
192% Increase In CVR In 30 Days
520% Increase In Total Sales YOY
16 Months Active On The CRO Program
$1M+ Managed In Ad Spend
364% Average Return
13 Months Active On The Ads Program
427k+ Generated From Split Tests
248% Increase In Total Sales YOY
7 Months Active On The CRO Program
$300k+ Managed In Ad Spend
431% Average Return
16 Months Active On The Ads Program
68% Increase In CVR In 30 Days
190% Increase In Total Sales YOY
11 Months Active On The CRO Program
Ad-only clients:
$100k+ Managed In Ad Spend
129% Increase In Total Sales YOY
8 Months Active On The Ads Program
$300k+ Managed In Ad Spend
103% Average Increase In Sales YOY
37 Months Active On The Ads Program
$100k+ Managed In Ad Spend
240% Average Return
3 Months Active On The Ads Program
$150k+ Managed In Ad Spend
150% Increase In Sales YOY
14 Months Active On The Ads Program
$50k+ Managed In Ad Spend
86% Increase In Sales YOY
11 Months Active On The Ads Program
CRO-only clients:
3 Custom Landing Page Designs
3 Custom Offer Bundles
2 Months As CRO Program Client
unable to disclose data
153% Increase In CVR In 30 Days
$10k+ Generated From Split Tests
6 Months Active On The CRO Program
52% Increase In CVR In 90 Days
$38k+ Generated From Split Tests
7 Months Active On The CRO Program

Ready to do this thing? Here’s how we make it happen.

Certified Partners:
Apply For Easy A
The first step is to fill out our (easy, so on brand) application to see if your business is a good fit.
Intro Call
After we process your application, you will schedule a discovery call to further asses our potential to work together.
In-Depth Audit
If Easy A believes we can help you accomplish your goals, we will proceed with a full audit on your brand.
Proposal Call
Once the audit is processed, we will present our plan to grow your business. You can then pay us to implement the plan, or steal it for yourself and come back to us once you’ve been blown away by the results.
90-Days To Win
If you choose to work with our team, we will set 90 days to prove our value and deliver.  If at any time you feel we are not meeting expectations, you have the right to opt out - no hard feelings. And if the 90 days prove to be a success... well then, the rest is history.

When it comes to customer acquisition

Are you:
The ‘In-House Brand’

Attempting to do it all yourself, but you have too much on your plate already.

Maybe you hire an in-house marketer, and quickly realize you’re paying them full time money for way less than full time work. Things are getting wasteful around here.

Are you:
The ‘Agency Cluster F*&%'

Stringing together agencies and hoping for the best. One for content, one for CRO, one for facebook, one for - what was that one for again?

The lack of cohesion in your customer journey is glaring, and potential buyers are allergic to the chaos.

Are you:
An ‘Easy A Client’

Life is sweet. One killer team of ultra-cool, super-communicative, honestly quite attractive people have all aspects of customer acquisition humming.

You focus on your product and counting the fun coupons (without the jail time).

Meet your A-team.

Say hello to the talent our clients are calling family
(but like, the fun ones you actually enjoy being around).
Spencer Pawliw 🇨🇦
Head Of Performance
Shaun Eng 🇲🇾
Lead Copywriter
Kyle Little 🇺🇸
Creative Director
Karlo Jurina 🇭🇷
Project Manager
Kalika Postlethwait 🇨🇦
CRO Strategist
Andrew Vo 🇺🇸
Ad Strategist
Hanul Seo 🇨🇦
Lead Media Buyer
Bobby Krezzho 🇲🇰
Hiring Manager
Angie Oladejo 🇨🇦

Frequently asked questions.

Alright Let’s Do It

How much do you charge?

“All good agencies are expensive, but not all expensive agencies are good”

At Easy A Media we try to make our rates as affordable as possible. With that said, having 3-10 team members working on your brand, is not cheap.

Our minimum retainer is currently $2,500 per month for any kind of DWY or DFY service.

However for startup brands, we do offer consultation for as low as $450 per month.
For full pricing, please schedule a call here

What type of business do you help?

We work strictly with eCommerce business on Shopify’s platform. If you are an eCommerce business not on Shopify, you will need to migrate over to Shopify prior to working with us.

However if you are not selling on Shopify, we do offer consultation programs so you can take our strategies and apply them in your own way.

How is Easy A different from other agencies?

Our obsession on becoming the #1 value-providing agency on all of ShopifyHere is how we plan on accomplishing that:
By obsessing over the goals of clients, we are obsessing over our own goals. We understand that if our clients succeed, we succeed. Our client's results are direct feedback of our input.

Move fast. Don’t be passive. We Always prioritize quality, but do so with speed. The rate at which we execute excellence will consistently be a wow factor.

We own all of our outcomes, good or bad. We do not make excuses. We take full accountability of problems and direct our energy towards solutions.

If you fail to prepare, you have prepared to fail. Never show up without a plan. Always be one step ahead. Always expect to win because you are prepared to do so.

We pay attention and focus on ALL of the little things. We understand that when all of the little details are added up, they are what makes the big difference.

We encourage ideas from all & the best idea always wins. We understand the power of working as a team. We will leverage each other's strengths and resources to achieve our goals.

We are dedicated to perfecting our craft and embracing uncertainty. We always learn from mistakes. We understand growth is a function of learning & implementation.

I work with an agency, why should I switch?

If you are currently working with an agency and are interested to see if Easy A can improve your results, we offer performance plans for brands who want to make the switch. If that interest you, please book a call with our team here

Do you guarantee results?

At our stage as an agency, we do no offer guarantees as we find it attracts the wrong type of partners & sets unrealistic expectations.

We always set clear expectations before working with any brand. But if at anytime you feel those expectations are not being met and your are not happy with our service, we will do what is required to make your situation right.

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